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Strategic Postage Savings

Mailing & Postage


  • Address Correction Service

  • Move Updates

  • Presorting

  • Variable Data Management

  • Intelligent Mail Barcoding

  • Expense Tracking & Reporting

  • Cost Efficient Design

The key to postal savings is knowledge.
When it comes to postage savings and job efficiency...
Command has you covered!

A major expense that we help companies reduce is the postage they spend annually on their mailings. Postage is an expense that most companies do not have the resources, experience or knowledge to take advantage of the savings available through the USPS. In the ever changing world of shipping and USPS requirements, it has become a full time responsibility to make the best decisions on how to achieve the lowest possible postage and delivery rates.


Command's data and design teams use the following strategies to reduce costs:

  • Our design experts will advise you of any updates that can be made to your piece that could lead to potential cost savings.

  • A wide variety of custom printing, presorting and inserting methods address your individual needs. Services include variable data publishing, full-service Intelligent Mail Barcodes and full support for all presorting categories - even Bound Printed Matter.

  • Complete integration into UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service guarantees you are getting the best rate possible for your mailing.

  • We'll track your postal spending and provide usage reports so you can easily analyze the ROI for your mailings.


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